Fr. 15.04.2016
ab 19:00

Sa. 16.04.2016
10:30 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 17:00 Uhr

So. 17.04.2016
10:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:30 Uhr

Sa. 16.04.2016 20:30 Uhr
Konzert mit Ian Kinnear
Workshop Teilnehmer, & Gastgeber (Teilnahme auf freiwilliger Basis)

Ian Kinnear

Ian Kinnear ist einer der bekanntesten schottischen Smallpipebauer. Er hat viele Kunden in Deutschland und Holland und jetzt bietet sich die einmalige Möglichkeit mit ihm Musik zu
machen, um neue Techniken zu erlernen und zu entwickeln. Ian hat seit 1990 Pipes unterrichtet und 13 Jahre lang seine eigenen Kurse in Schottland geleitet.

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an „Bellows Smallpipers“ die etwas Erfahrung, besonders mit „Bellows Smallpipes“ in A mitbringen. Der Schwerpunkt des Workshops liegt darin, das Beste aus seinem Instrument heraus zu bekommen und die Fähigkeit zu entwickeln, beim Spiel mit anderen Pipern und Musikern Spass zu haben Wir schauen uns 3 – 4 Tunes an, entwickeln an ihnen Harmonien und betrachten verschiedene Ansätze der Verzierungen.


Da die Kurssprache Englisch ist (Übersetzung wenn nötig möglich) folgt Ians Biografie auf Englisch. Ian began playing pipes at the age of 10, when he was taught by John McDougall and David Taylor. Whilst studying geography at EdinburghUniversity he continued playing pipes with Scottish Gas pipe band and Edinburgh University OTC pipe band. During this time he also tutored at the University Bagpipe Society and the innovative Adult Learning Project in Edinburgh. Ian played on the album “Out of the Blue” recorded by Scottish Gas Pipe Band in 1993.

Ian began making Scottish Smallpipes in Edinburgh in 1993. Piping has taken him to many parts of the world where he has given solo performances and played as a member of pipebands, and smallpipes and folk ensembles (Brittany, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and USA). He has also been privileged to judge piping in Brittany.

Since Ian began making smallpipes in 1993 he has developed his chanter reed to produce clarity of tone and volume. He has used this as his basis for perfecting the design of his drones and chanters to achieve the ultimate balance of tone and volume. His smallpipes are recognised as “smallpipes…big sound!” Every aspect of his pipes has been carefully thought out – they are not merely museum copies. Ian came to small pipe making in order to produce an instrument that would fulfil his needs as both a solo instrument as well as one that blends well with other instruments in session and band settings. It is testament to this that many of the big name bands in Scottish traditional music such as “The Battlefield Band” and “Tannahill Weavers” have used Ian’s small pipes over many years.

From the size of the bag and bellows to the design of the reeds and the chanter bore, Ian has rethought every aspect of small pipe manufacture to produce a sound and playing experience enjoyed by students and professionals alike. This will be a unique opportunity to meet and work with Ian Kinnear here in Germany.