Dave Goodman – Der Mann kann einfach alles: virtuos Gitarre spielen, faszinierend singen, bildreiche Texte schreiben und daraus auch noch Songs machen, die Hit-Potenzial besitzen. Stefan Woldach, ‘AKUSTIK GITARRE’

We had another great weekend with Dave Goodman and his workshop participants. Despite a bit of snow on Saturday morning, the concert was completely sold out in the evening. Concert guests I spoke to had made their way to us from Sandstedt, Hagen, Verden, Bremen, Cuxhaven, Beverstedt and Bremerhaven.

In the first half of the concert, workshop participants Max and Dagmar each sang two of their own songs and Jan Jedding and I (Joanna Scott Douglas) played some of our "Boots or Bags" songs.
Dave Goodman played a wonderful energy packed set in the second half of the concert and it was a great treat for Jan and I to end up the evening playing two more of our songs together with Dave Goodman - Guitar :-) - Great fun!

Here are some photos of the workshop and concert taken by Jan Jedding. The photo of Jan and I was taken by Dave Goodman and many thanks to Rudolf Hepke for sending us the photos of us playing together with Dave.

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